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Fluxed Digital Web Design & Digital Marketing in Dronfield enjoy making people's lives simple and easy.

Business life is stressful enough, without worrying about your online digital presence and whether it is performing at its best. That’s why Fluxed Digital offer a comprehensive digital marketing service with packages tailored to suit the individual needs of a business. From web design and build, E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) through to Social Media Management packages, we have you covered!

What sets us apart, is that we know first-hand what it is like to build a business from a standing start. We've done it and continue to do it. We appreciate that when you’re busy focusing on customers, orders, payments, meetings, shops, staff, .....the list goes on, other things can often get forgotten about. However, at these times in your hectic work life, we don’t want you to lose sight of the benefits that digital marketing can bring.

In busy times, marketing and social media are the easiest tasks to drop, but they are also two of the most important daily functions in a modern company. For a business to succeed, it must always be promoting itself, keeping existing and potentially new clients abreast of products and services, along with stories of success and achievement. We want to help you make sure your reach and branding doesn’t suffer and that you can achieve your marketing and ultimately your sales goals.

Firstly, does your website look the part? Does it correctly portray your business image? Is it up to date? Can it be found when people search Google, or other search engines? Is it simple for people to use and navigate? Does it get you the results you want? Fluxed Digital can help you with all of these questions.

Whether you’re a large company and simply need someone to do your digital marketing for you, as you’re too busy, or you are just starting out and could benefit from digital marketing assistance until you can handle it yourself (it’s not as complicated as you might think, so don’t be intimidated), or anywhere else in between, we can help you stay on top of your digital marketing and design bespoke packages to make life a little easier for you and your business.

Have a look at our 'Services' page to see what we can offer in more detail. Alternatively, we are very friendly, love to drink coffee and chat to people, so give us a call to discuss how we may be able to help or guide you.

Previous Work

Just some our recent work that we're proud of.

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Website Design

Investin Skills People

Website Design

C&G Assessments

Website Design

SGH Sporting Events

Web Design, CRM, Marketing


Website Design, Email Marketing

Scuba Leeds

Website Design

Speedwell House B&B

Website Design

TBF Industrial Supplies

Website Design

Cookridge Hall Golf Club

Website Design